Your Laptop Power Jack is broken?

Laptop Power Jack Repair Cost

A laptop can experience a wide range of problems, from minor to catastrophic, and these would determine the price to repair the laptop charger port. Depending on your laptop brand and the computer repair shop, they might or might not be able to fix it.

A damaged and broken jack is one laptop issue that’ll certainly make you question how you came to deserve such bad luck. The cost to repair a laptop charging port mainly depends on the laptop’s model and the severity of the damage. In this article, we’ll talk about how much it costs to fix various brands of laptops.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Charging Ports of a Laptop?

Depending on the laptop model, repairing a charging port could cost anywhere from $8 to $350. Some more expensive laptops may cost up to $1000 to fix the charging port. Once you have established that the charging port on your laptop is malfunctioning, either broken or loose. The best course of action for fixing it can then be decided.

Laptop charging port

If the port is loose, it can be repaired or soldered back in (iServices, LLC does not solder). Either replace the damaged dc jack or reset the port power connector if they are damaged. You can decide to take care of this problem yourself based on your level of expertise. Without enough necessary knowledge, though, you risk making matters worse while attempting to repair a problem.

The approach used to resolve the problem will have a significant impact on how much it will cost to repair your laptop’s charging port. If you choose to take it to a qualified technician, there are instances where the laptop still doesn’t charge after the port has been changed. In such a case, the expert would need to conduct some debugging, which may take days. You would generally pay much more for this.

You would only need to buy the replacement parts if you choose to solve the problem yourself. This might be the less expensive choice but wait a second. Imagine accidentally breaking the laptop or causing damage that costs ten times as much as what you would have paid to have a technician fix it initially. This should aid in your decision-making.

Acer Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

The cost to replace the charging port on an Acer laptop can be anything between $25 and $300, while the port itself can cost anywhere between $8 and $50. A broken laptop charging port might have a number of causes, but no matter what the reason, it will always be annoying until it is repaired. If you’re lucky, all it would cost would be a little money for a straightforward replacement. You might be looking at a large cost otherwise.

Samsung Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

The cost to fix a power port on a Samsung laptop may be between $100 and $300, with the port itself costing between $5 and $50. If the charging port on your laptop is damaged or loose, it has to be fixed. Therefore, the first thing to check when your laptop stops charging is to see if the charging port is loose or damaged. After that, you can bring the laptop to a specialist to do more analysis and make the necessary repairs.

Lenovo Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

With the port itself costing between $13 and $30, repairing a charging port on a Lenovo laptop might cost between $113 and $300. As was previously said, the cost of fixing a charging port depends on the severity of the damage and the type of laptop. Sometimes, it could cost significantly more to solve this problem because the port might be linked to the motherboard, requiring a new motherboard.

Can a Laptop Charging Port be Fixed?

If your computer is a standard model, your options are to either repair the power jack or, more expensively, replace the motherboard entirely.

In the end, replacing the charging port is less expensive and more straightforward because the complete procedure, including labor, is unlikely to cost you more than $150.

However, Apple prefers that you return problems with your Macbooks to the manufacturer, as they are notoriously challenging to repair. Because of this, replacement components are hard to come by. You might not have much of a choice in that sense.

Typically, laptop charging ports cannot be repaired. Because the user often needs to desolder numerous connections on the motherboard, the procedure is complicated. Ultimately, it will rely on your level of expertise and the laptop manufacturer.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace DC Jacks on Laptop?

It’s simple and inexpensive to purchase and install for $2–$5 for laptops that have the dc jack free floating and connected to the motherboard by a wire. The price will not exceed $15 if the jack is mounted on a separate PCB from the motherboard. To replace the motherboard, you should be prepared to pay anything between $110 and $350. Additionally, a costly proprietary port might be present in a high-end laptop if not many of that particular model were built.

How Much Does it Cost to Change Charging Jack?

Depending on the condition of the charging port and the particular laptop, fixing or replacing a bad jack can cost more or less. Most technicians charge between $100 and $150 to fix the charging jack. Along with whatever additional taxes they impose, it also includes their service fees.

The laptop must be disassembled and each component removed individually in order to repair or replace it. Therefore, it is a time-consuming task that calls for a skilled specialist who can manage it carefully.

How Do I Test my Laptop Power Jack?

By removing the battery first and plugging in the power cord, you can check to determine if the DC power jack is defective. Begin using the laptop while gently jiggling the DC power plug on the rear of the device. It’s time to have the power jack repaired or replaced if you notice that your laptop loses power quickly. This is due to the burning that has already begun to occur around the loose pins on the motherboard.

Unfortunately, getting a new motherboard might cost more than your laptop is worth, so it’s critical to check for a bad power jack as soon as you think it might be about to fail. The laptop will need to be entirely disassembled in order to remove the motherboard. The keyboard and its frame must first be removed, along with the exterior housing, motherboard, hard drive, and RAM which is a difficult task.

Check out this youtube channel’s video on how to properly check your laptop DC jack:

How Do I Know If My Power Jack is Broken?

The DC jack is one of the most essential components of any good laptop. You can charge your battery using this device, which also serves as a reliable power source. If it malfunctions, your laptop will soon run out of power and won’t switch on. Here are a few signs of a failing DC power jack.

Power Occasionally Turns On And Off Switching Between Battery Power and Adapter

Your laptop will have a reliable power source if the DC jack is good. The jack, on the other hand, may be defective if your power is intermittent or if you have to twist your cord in the socket to keep a connection. If any form of spark happens, this might be a dangerous situation.

Your Battery Isn’t Charging

Though your battery won’t charge, the DC jack may still be failing even if your power source doesn’t exhibit the aforementioned symptoms. Your battery should be charged and given a boost in charge by a consistent supply of electric connection. Failure to charge suggests that it is not converting DC power into an appropriate battery charger.

It Only Functions at a Certain Angle

Your laptop’s DC jack can move if it becomes loose. You might therefore need to slant your power cord in order to receive any form of charge. Your power cable and DC jack will be under stress as a result, and either one could become damaged. It is essential that these issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Screen Flickers

Flickering on the display is another indication that your dc jack needs to be replaced. This may be the result of a weak electrical connection between the adapter and the jack, which might interfere with the flow of electricity to your screen.

Laptop Makes Odd Noises

Also, a sign of a failing DC jack is frequent loud noises made while in use. There are a number of reasons why your computer can be making loud popping and scratching noises, but if they are occurring frequently and are accompanied by a lack of charging, the dc jack is probably broken. A dc jack that vibrates or makes a loud noise when you plug it in could be weakening and eventually fail.


In conclusion, how much it will cost to repair your laptop’s charging port will depend on the model. The use of a USB type C port, a power bank, or charging the laptop battery on another laptop is a substitute for using a charger to charge a laptop. We strongly advise against attempting to repair laptop problems yourself, especially if you lack the necessary skills or experience. You might end up needing to buy a new laptop as a result.