How To Accelerate The Speed Of Running Windows 10 OS to make it faster

Windows 10, as the latest operating system from Microsoft, is expected to work better. However, still, it shows some issues in terms of performance. It turns up the minor problems, particularly when your machine is quite older. But, there’re simple ways for solving them.

Startup apps- Deactivate them-

Your computer often takes longer period for the process of booting up. You have perhaps activated Fast Startup option. While you have turned up the PC, lots of programs are started up automatically. To solve it, go to Start option and choose Task Manager. When you see that some of the programs are not essential, you have to disable them.

Adjust the time for displaying boot list-

Whenever a PC is being activated, a menu or list is exposed for few moments before loading the OS. It allows you to perform some other things. You have to reduce that time by controlling time-out option for the menu. The default time-out is thirty seconds.

Troubleshooter- Install it and use instantly-

There is tool in Windows 10 PC to remove all performance issues. In order to get it, go to search box, and enter the word- troubleshooting. This troubleshooter browses shortcuts and files, which are not used by you. It not only recognizes issues but also send the report to you. Besides, it is able to solve them as well.

Let your disk be cleaned-

Disk Cleaner is one of the best innovations of Microsoft, and it is helpful, while you have any disorder in your Windows OS. It gives you an option for removing all the unnecessary folders and temporary records, which have consumed much space in the hard drive. This is an easily navigable app, preferred by many users. Choose any drive, then click on Properties; hit the option Drive Cleanup. These simple steps will allow you to reduce the load of your disks.

Restarting a computer

It is the easiest option for you to have better experience from Windows 10. The process of restarting makes the memory clear and also prevents other mechanisms to consume all resources. But, remember that restarting and shutdown cannot be considered as the same processes.

Thus, with these tips, you may try to increase the performance speed for Windows 10.

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