Another Gift From Microsoft – Windows 10 with a few flaws

You might be familiar with the recent launch of Microsoft, i.e. Windows 10. It is another launch by the company after success of windows8. The company has launched the operating system in the series of Windows NT, windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 windows 8 and now windows 10. But the company seemed to be really excited with the new windows 10. It is actually windows 9 which the company likes to be called as windows 10. It has been designed keeping in view of the future generation. If you do not feel comfortable upgrading or have questions before you upgrade please give us a call. We are here to help your upgrade as smooth as possible.

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New Windows 10

Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 has lots of similarities as that of windows 7. It provides much familiar and a better interface to the users. It is easy to use. There are lots of features that have been included in the latest version windows. The features of the windows 10 are discussed below:
– It has included some features of the start screen from window 8.1 like live tiles which can be resized easily.
– There is a snap assist that helps you in working with the snap app.
– Cortana is another feature which Microsoft has brought in windows 10. It the digital assistant like Siri.
– Another smart addition is Edge browser that is designed to provide outstanding and speedy web experience.

What’s the WiFi security flaw within Windows 10?

Windows 10 provides the sharing of the WiFi connectivity that you can share with your friends. It allows you to share your WIFI password with your friends. The feature of WiFi sense is enabled by default in windows 10. But it does not mean that your passwords will be shared automatically.

How to disable the WiFi security flaw?

You can easily disable the WiFi security flaw. To disable the WiFi sensing feature of windows 10, go to the windows setting. Then select Network & internet, and then click on the “Change WiFi setting” option. Now click on the “Manage WiFi setting” and select disable.